First of all, I’d just like to say thanks on behalf of the team for all the support we’ve been getting. It’s great and really spurs us on!

Now, you're all probably eager to know what we've been up to... As mentioned in the summary, we have loads of new members!

So, here's a list of all of our members to date:

  • 'Sceluk' (mapper)
  • 'SharkYbg' (3D modeller and coder)
  • 'Schlechtwetterfront' / 'Ande' (3D modeller and main coder)
  • 'Freelancer134' (3D modeller)
  • 'Starkiller2356' / 'Ben2356' (mapper and coder)
  • 'Andy_ftw' (coder, currently learning CE3 code)
  • '[RES]Sev' (public relations + publicity)

We also currently talking to a few other potential members about joining the team. If you want to join, look here: Moddb.Com

Now, as you'd expect with the increased in the number of members in our team, we have some sexy new models...
Schlechtwetterfront's been working on a kick-ass Snowtrooper for Hoth and hopes to make a Rebel trooper very soon:

Freelancer134 has been busy creating a new turret for Hoth:

Here are a couple of screenshots showcasing an Snowspeeder that SharkYbg made recently:

SharkYbg has also been editing the corridors in Hoth and came up with this:

We are also looking at suitable textures for Hoth (made by Sceluk), but unfortunately we don't have anything to show you for that.

Member Andy_Ftw is learning the vehicle code in CE3 so we will be able to get the
vehicles all up and running in no time.

Finally, [RES]Sev has made an awesome page for over at (needs updating):

That's all for now folks,

May the force be with you...