Hey Star Wars: BattleCry trackers,

November has been a very productive month for my fellow team members. They have been busy texturing, modelling and coding, while I have been busy organising a forum and recruiting more members.

New members that have officially joined become part of the team since the last update are:

  • '411Remnant' (video editor and 2D artist)
  • 'Atombomb' (3D modeller)
  • 'deltasquad451' / 'Goldstein343' (3D weapons modeller)
  • 'Lephenix' (3D modeller)
  • 'Krym0r' (texture artist and mapper)
  • 'Deforges' (texture artist and 3D modeller)
  • 'WideBoy' (prop artist'
  • 'bringdowntherain' (musician)

Without further ado, here are some sexy screenies for you to enjoy!

This sleek and shiny blaster prototype is Deforges' latest effort:

Atombomb has been busy constructing one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars franchise, the AT-AT, seen here along side an AT-ST:

Next up is Ande's new rebel trooper, which currently needs a face but is already coming along nicely:

Last of the models (but certainly not least) is Lephenix's new GONK model which dispenses ammo:

Many members in the team have been working on new textures for Hoth and SharkYbg has been making some great progress on Echo Base:

411Remnant has been designing some menus for the game and this is one of my favourites (bare in mind that the fonts still need tweaking):

Freelancer134 has been making other awesome models, Andy_ftw has been busy coding the CP (control point) system, Ande has been is working on a spawn menu, but more on these things next time!

That's all for now folks, stay tuned and 'may the force be with you'...

PS Sorry if I missed anyone out in the list, there's been so much going on recently. :D