Hello there ladies and gentleman... who are we kidding?

Hello ladies!

So, we as a team have been talking about various aspects of the game. Half of them involve whether or not to ‘enhance’ princess Leia’s cleavage. It was later deemed sexist but nonetheless, remains a good idea.

Besides this, the most divisive issue continues to be how we can maintain continuity between the Galactic Civil War and the Republic Eras. It is true that George gifted the Star Wars fan-base three more films that surpass the originals in many aspects (mainly the sales of toys and merchandise) beginning in 1999.

Think about it! There are very few species of aliens that carry over into each of the trilogies. We can confirm that ewoks will be featuring heavily in the Republic segments of the game. In fact, as you read this our artists are adapting them for desert, snow and even space environments as George would have intended.

But that’s not all! We wanted to bring everyone’s favourite species to the Galactic Civil War.
We did not want to feature them as heavily as the Ewoks since some things are best served in small doses.

Anyway, enough from me! Here is a WIP screen of what we are working on. See you in the next update.

Sexy Gungan...