Long-time no see BattleCry fans!

Although we haven't put an update out for a couple of months, it doesn't mean the game is ‘dead' or ‘dying'. Over the summer, a lot of people were on vacation or just tied down with work and other things. I guess you could say we went on a bit of a hiatus.

Furthermore, we have made the leap to CryEngine 3.5 which is still lacking some features like certain terrain tools, documentation and most importantly, source code access. Hopefully Crytek will get on this soon, but even if they don't, we have enough other things to work on in the meantime.

As it stands, getting our Alpha out by the end of the year is looking tricky and (as we'vemade clear before), we may have to delay it for Q1 2014. Nothing is set in stone yet, so take our words with a pinch of salt.

Despite these small issues, now summer is over, things have picked up again and we're getting back into the swing of things.

Recruitment posts have been coming in steadily and we've responded to a lot of people but if you haven't got a response yet we'll try and reply now. There are a few recruitment forms we
still need to organise and ‘bump' emails we need to send.

In early 2013 we picked up a lot of new members which made us spread our core members thinly to have a core member working on every bigger ‘sub-project' (like maps) with 1+ of the new members. Most of these new members didn't end up contributing a lot so the work our reliable members put in didn't result in much overall progress. To prevent that from happening again we're slimming our team down and focussing on fewer tasks at once, but with more (reliable) manpower.

That doesn't mean we're not recruiting anymore though!

Important announcements:

  • Our Web Master Mandosis has made some changes to the website. More on that later.

  • Ande and Sharky have been hard at work on Hoth and are making good progress.

  • Deforges (our veteran ‘Mr Guns') has returned to the group (yes, it's true ladies and gents!) and immediately set to work on the retro style T-21 rifle which you can ogle at below.

  • Varegg has been working on a DLT-20A for the game and other members like Sceluk have done some code for the Snowspeeders so they can fly around convincingly. Mandosis has been working on some modifications for the website and maintaining the server we all use

  • The sound effects guys have been polishing up some voice overs and sound effects and musical tests/motifs are still being created

Enough talk, here's our main progress!

3D modeller Deforges has created this kick-ass T-21 rifle, check it out:

Gun man Varegg has made a DLT-20A Sniper (WIP screenshot):

Ande and Sharky have been busy working on the interior of Hoth - the moody lighting creates a really claustrophobic/tense atmosphere:

Here we have our very first video! It's an experimental video showing off our Snowspeeder in action. It's fairly old footage and things have improved since then but it's still pretty exciting stuff:

We’ve finally got round to releasing some voice overs/sound effects that members like Calum, Altureus and Richard have worked very hard on.
Here's a quick Youtube video showing off some effects being made in FMOD:

And here is a collection of some voice overs for you guys:


Our next update should be out next month, but don’t worry if it isn’t, it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped development!

That's all for now folks,

The BattleCry team.