Hello Star Wars: BattleCry fans,

First and foremost - we hope you had a good Christmas and aren't too stuffed from all the mince pies and turkey... :P

Secondly, we'd like to congratulate all of the awesome Indie/Mod teams that made it to the very top during the awards this year! Even though we didn't make it that far, we still got into the Top 100 for the second year in a row which is pretty good considering we haven't actually released a playable game yet! We hope our Alpha will be released some time in Q1 2014 but we can't make any promises!

In other news:

  • Mandosis (our web man) is making a new website to coincide with the Alpha release. We eventually want to be able to do awesome things like add a 'stats system' and create bios for all the characters/planets we will be using in the game

  • As always we have some new talent on the team and we will show off some great stuff from relatively new members below

  • Sorry if we haven't got back to you and you've applied to join the team, we will try and respond to you eventually!

  • Finally, we were hoping to show off our E-web cannon today but due to time constraints we will show if off next update

Enough chat - here's what we've been up to over the past couple of months:
3D weapons man Alex Varegg is currently creating a set of grenades. Here's his very nearly finished Detonator!

New member Vincent Gillot has been making one of the most iconic props on Hoth - the Ion Cannon. Check out this bad boy! All it needs now is a bit of snow and a few texture variations.

New 3D modeller Andrew Catron has been busy sculpting this awesome Imperial Pilot:

Now for a word from our animation team (written by Dave Senter): "Noein and I have briefly discussed the animation pipeline for the game. Right now we are working on character rigging and then we will test the rigs for integration into the game engine. Once we establish a reliable pipeline the fun begins with animation!" Here's a sneak peek GIF of the rigging:

As already mentioned above, here are some WIP shots from Mandosis' new site (it's not live yet):

Finally, we have some music to show you guys from our Youtube video! New musician Tidor Nieddu and long time member Altureus have been conducting some music tests. You can listen to some of Tidor's Victory/Defeat music here!

Until next time folks and may the force be with you,

The Star Wars: BattleCry team.