Hello again patient BattleCry fans!

We hope 2014 is going well for you and that the wait for a Star Wars game hasn't made you go crazy... yet.

We've updated the artwork on many of our pages (e.g. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Crydev, etc.) with a new alpha date: 2014.

Due to drawbacks such as the new Cryengine release not having full documentation and compatibility issues with some important features, we've had to delay our Alpha a little bit. We're now aiming for a slightly looser 'when we're ready' type release date (as opposed to a specific date) but we're really hoping to get the Alpha out as soon as we can.

Another really important thing we'd like to mention is our need for anyone who specialises in both mapping environments AND making good environmental art and can commit to putting a couple of hours in consistently each week. We don't necessarily need someone who can only put layouts together (we have that covered), but we need someone who has a real knack for making external environments take shape. Hoth is looking awesome inside but we want the outside to shine too!

Advanced coders that can help us with things like AI, new game modes, particles, scripting, etc. would be very welcome too!

For more jobs: click here

Now, onto some other news:

Mandosis (our website designer) has made lots of improvements to our new website which we will release soon. It has all the awesome stuff you'd expect and we'll be showing off some updated screenshots (including a new forum system) below!
We have a brand new kick-ass Youtube video to show you which focuses on our vehicle improvements below!
There are also some WIP shots of some models our team has been working on
And, as always, solid coding work has been going on behind the scenes. We are working on our very own launcher atm, which we may talk about in more detail next month.
Now, it's time to show you guys a snippet of our latest progress!
Here is our latest video showing off some of our vehicle improvements on Hoth:

New modeller Thomas Woodward has been busy making the team an Imperial Probe droid:

Modeller Jan Javurek has made us this awesome E-web cannon:

Finally, last but certainly not least, here is web man Mandosis' latest work on our new website!

Example forum post:

Forum homepage:

Main news page:

Next week we will be showing off a WIP X-wing, some more grenades from explosions expert Alex Varegg and more.

As always, we'll see you in the next update!

The Star Wars: BattleCry team