Is the game free?

Yes, it will be completely free, standalone game built on Unreal Engine 4.

Isn't this against copyright? Can't they shut you down?

It is against copyright laws and if they wish, Disney is well within their rights to send us a cease and desist order. However this is a fan project whose goal is to create a unique Star Wars shooter that is a meaningful addition to the Star Wars universe.

What game engine does this game use?

Unreal Engine 4

Why did you change to Unreal Engine 4?

We moved from CryENGINE 3 for a variety of reasons. Unreal Engine 4 provides us with everything we need and will speed up development.

Why not use another game engine?

We felt that Unreal Engine 4 was the best choice.

Do I need anything else to play it?


When is it coming out?

When it's ready

Will this game be on consoles?

Due to cost and other issues we will not be releasing the game on consoles.

You didn't release an update by the end of the month, why are you slacking?

Making this game takes a considerable amount of time and effort. We have lives, jobs and families that come first.

What are the minimum specs?

Unkown at this time

Will there be a single-player campaign?

For now we are focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game. This is something we may, or may not do in the future.

Will there be a 1st/3rd person camera option?


Can you accept donations?

We are not accepting any donations.